PARKGENE Status Update – April 12, 2018

Dear Friends,

We are excited to update you on the status of our Token Sale, and our future plans regarding the PARKGENE business.

  1. With the KYC having passed the minimum threshold for distribution of tokens, we are preparing the GENE token distribution which will most likely happen right after the weekend, on Monday April 16, at 10am GMT. We will confirm the token distribution date with a new announcement tomorrow. We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation, patience, and support.
  2. In regards to the PARKGENE business, many exciting developments are imminent:

    We are in the process of fully integrating PARKGURU, our professional parking application, with PARKGENE to create the first application worldwide that accepts crypto payments for mobility services and encompasses not just peer-to-peer but also professional parking services as well as Municipal parking.We are very proud of pioneering cryptocurrency usage in the Mobility industry with the GENE token at the centre of the ecosystem. To facilitate the practicalities of cryptocurrency payments, the new PARKGENE application is fully integrated with the GENE Wallet allowing parking services to accept crypto as payment.  The PARKGENE application will be available for Android, iOS, and Web. The Web application besides offering the parking service, also allows individuals and parking professionals to list available parking spots.

Please stay tuned for more details on the PARKGENE application release date and roadmap.

Thank you for reading.

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