PARKGENE – GENE Token listed on Hotbit

May 30, 2018


It is with great pleasure that we announce the upcoming listing of the GENE token on Hotbit, an up-and-coming exchange with a very active and experienced global team, top-notch technology, and a strong Blockchain vision.

The upcoming listing on Hotbit is another major milestone hit by the PARKGENE team, which within two months since the ICO’s successful completion, have launched the GENE Wallet, the new PARKGENE website, the peer-to-peer parking spot listing service, two major GENE Wallet enhancements, and have achieved listings on CoinMarketCap and several other cryptocurrency market information resources.

“We are delighted to partner with Hotbit, a highly respected cryptocurrency exchange, we would like to thank them for the cooperation during this process. We also take this opportunity to reiterate to PARKGENE backers that we will keep achieving the goals we have set, and continue building up our strong momentum in supporting the GENE token, our development, and our business milestones. We are most grateful for your continued support.” Nikolas Skarlatos, CEO of PARKGENE

The GENE token will commence trading on May 31st, according to the following schedule:

2018.5.31  10:00 (UTC+8)  open deposit

2018.5.31  15:00 (UTC+8)  open GENE/BTC trading pairs

2018.5.31  17:00 (UTC+8)  open withdrawal

For more information please visit:

Please stay tuned to our community channels for all new PARKGENE developments.

The Parkgene Team

Update May14: GENE Wallet Enhancements

As promised, today we have introduced two new important features to the GENE Wallet:

1. We have developed, tested and added the functionality to send and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum, opening up blockchain transactions for the GENE Wallet. This functionality is enabled through highly secure infrastructure supported by cold-storage without any storage fees.

GENE Wallet users benefit from a highly secure and convenient wallet to keep their cryptocurrencies in one place.

2. We have enabled GENE buy transactions to be reflected on the exchanges in real-time. This way, users benefit from being able to buy GENE tokens through the GENE Wallet in real-time and storing them in one place.

We are committed to continuously enhancing the GENE Wallet by adding new features to improve functionality, convenience, as well as security. We have more major upgrades to the GENE Wallet coming-up soon and we will follow-up with an announcement, so please stay tuned for our newest developments.

Do you find the new features we announced today useful? Would you like to propose other features to be added to the GENE Wallet? Let us know by joining the PARKGENE community and commenting on our social channels, Facebook, Twitter,  on Reddit and our Telegram channel.

CoinMarketCap officially lists PARKGENE’s – GENE Token

A message to the PARKGENE community by PARKGENE CEO, Nikolas Skarlatos :

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce that CoinMarketCap, the number one trusted resource on cryptocurrency market information, has officially listed the GENE token here:

The official CoinMarketCap listing puts the GENE token at the heart of the cryptocurrency community and justifies our efforts of the past year. We want to thank the PARKGENE community for their support, since it was the trading and the community activity that drove the CoinMarketCap listing.

The CoinMarketCap official listing is another step forward for the GENE token:

  • The PARKGENE community can now get the most up-to-date and credible information on the GENE token’s financial indicators.
  • The CoinMarketCap listing helps with the token’s exposure to a wider cryptocurrency audience interested in the token itself but also in the PARKGENE business.
  • This way, PARKGENE business progress will be associated with the GENE token’s performance more effectively.
  • Finally, we continue to do our best to list the GENE token on other exchanges and the CoinMarketCap official listing will help in our efforts.

On the business side of things, we’d like to remind you that we’ve successfully launched the PARKGENE web service, integrated with the GENE Wallet, as well as the new website where parking spot owners can list their parking spots.

Also, on Monday, May 14th, as promised, we are launching additional enhancements to the GENE Wallet, along with a related announcement.

We continue to work towards the commercial roll-out of PARKGENE Service and our plan to release the Mobile Apps and Web Booking service on June 4th, 2018.

We will continue to keep you regularly updated with our progress.

Nikolas Skarlatos,


PARKGENE Web Service and new Website Launch

Dear PARKGENE Supporters,

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website, as promised, found at The new site implements the first of our two-step approach for the peer-to-peer PARKGENE service, with the GENE Wallet being an integral part.

In this first step we allow parking space owners to list their space with the PARKGENE service, thus making the spots available for drivers who will be looking for parking in their area. This service is made available worldwide and users can list their parking spots wherever they live.

The two-step approach is important to acquire the critical mass of parking spots needed, before we make them publicly available to our drivers. It’s also an important time to do user testing and to optimize the service.

We continue to work towards the commercial roll-out of PARKGENE Service and we plan to release the Mobile Apps and Web Booking service on June 4th, 2018.

We are looking forward to the community’s engagement and enlargement. To that end we will soon announce our referral reward scheme for our members to invite their friends to join and become part of the Global Parking revolution that PARKGENE introduces today.

Please feel free to register and list your parking spots so you are ready when we open for business. Every new user will receive 50 GENE tokens to spend within the PARKGENE service (not intended for trading in exchanges).

We will keep you posted on our progress.


PARKGENE Status Update – April 23

Dear PARKGENE Supporters

We would like to share a quick update on some of the activities that have kept us busy in the past week:

  1. On Monday 26/4 we distributed the GENE Tokens to participants who passed the KYC process and provided an ETH Wallet address.
  2. The same morning we distributed the GENE Tokens to Bounty Hunters who provided their ETH Wallet address.
  3. The GENE Token, since then, has been accepted and trading in three exchanges (BTC-Alpha, Bitpaction, GETbtc)
  4. Trading during week 1 was dominated by sellers who have put a pressure on the GENE Token price, currently trading around $0,012.
  5. Our Team has been supporting all participants and new interested users around the clock on our Telegram Channel and Email.
  6. On the business front we are getting ready for the official launch of the PARKGENE Peer-to-Peer Parking service which is fully integrated with GENE Token and other Cryptocurrency payments.
  7. The GENE Wallet, acting as the payment gateway for the Parking App is already available on Google Play Store while the iOS Version is under review from the AppStore. We believe that the documentation provided to Apple will allow them to list the App soon. We will keep you posted on this.
    The GENE WALLET for Android can be found here at the Google Play Store
  8. We have made the strategic decision to integrate the PARKGENE Peer-to-Peer application with the existing PARKGURU application, so that users are able to access all types of available parking options from one app, using GENE Tokens for payment. This is a major development as it puts PARKGENE at the heart of our 60K+ user community and will drive significant demand for the GENE Token.
  9. We are working with sites like CoinMarketCap to list the GENE token.
  10. We are also in discussions with several Exchanges that could offer significant liquidity to the GENE Token.


Next Steps:
We are working hard on executing our roadmap and our next steps include the following:

  1. We are launching the new PARKGENE WebSite for the new PARKGENE Service by May 7th, which allows users to list their parking spot. Approximately one week later we are launching the service that includes the Mobile Apps and a full Web interface.
  2. Next week (beginning of May) we are offering several enhancements to our GENE Wallet, such as ability to transfer In & Out, Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the ability to trade GENE for Bitcoin or Ethereum and vice versa.
  3. There will be several Announcements on strategic partnerships that we have been working on, aimed to enhance the PARKGENE Ecosystem and the demand for GENE Tokens.

Please stay tuned for more information on the above and future PARKGENE developments.

PARKGENE Status Update – April 12, 2018

Dear Friends,

We are excited to update you on the status of our Token Sale, and our future plans regarding the PARKGENE business.

  1. With the KYC having passed the minimum threshold for distribution of tokens, we are preparing the GENE token distribution which will most likely happen right after the weekend, on Monday April 16, at 10am GMT. We will confirm the token distribution date with a new announcement tomorrow. We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation, patience, and support.
  2. In regards to the PARKGENE business, many exciting developments are imminent:

    We are in the process of fully integrating PARKGURU, our professional parking application, with PARKGENE to create the first application worldwide that accepts crypto payments for mobility services and encompasses not just peer-to-peer but also professional parking services as well as Municipal parking.We are very proud of pioneering cryptocurrency usage in the Mobility industry with the GENE token at the centre of the ecosystem. To facilitate the practicalities of cryptocurrency payments, the new PARKGENE application is fully integrated with the GENE Wallet allowing parking services to accept crypto as payment.  The PARKGENE application will be available for Android, iOS, and Web. The Web application besides offering the parking service, also allows individuals and parking professionals to list available parking spots.

Please stay tuned for more details on the PARKGENE application release date and roadmap.

Thank you for reading.

Know Your Customer Process

In order for the ICO participants to receive their tokens is to go through the KYC procedure.

Given the big number of participants and in order to proceed with the distribution of the GENE tokens in a timely fashion we will distribute the tokens as soon as we reach 90% of KYC completion. We will alert all the remaining participants and give them time to complete the KYC, when done we will send them the tokens as well.

This process is only needed for the ICO participants, not the bounty hunters.

Following we are providing you with the steps to complete the KYC procedure and prepare your profile to receive the GENE Tokens.

  1. Visit and login with the account you used for your ICO participation
  2. In the top bar you will will see the “KYC” option. Click it.
  3. Fill all your data as needed in the KYC form in order to be evaluated. All fields marked with * are obligatory to proceed
  4. That’s it. Your data will be processed and you will be informed about the status of your KYC
  5. In case you have any problems please email us at [email protected]


All participants and Bounty Hunters need to provide their ETH (ERC-20) wallet address in order for us to send the GENE Tokens. Anyone who has not provided the ETH (ERC-20) wallet address will not be able to receive tokens.

To complete this task

  1. Visit and login with the account you used for your ICO participation
  2. In the top bar you will will see the “Profile” option. Click it.
  3. Provide your ETH (ERC-20) wallet address in the field “ETH Address”. If you do not have an ETH (ERC-20) wallet address you can create one at or use our GENE Wallet on your Android Device by downloading it from here
  4. That’s it. You only have to wait for the Tokens to land to your wallet. We will keep you posted.


PARKGENE Successfully completes its ICO

We are excited to announce that the PARKGENE crowdsale has come to a close.

We would firstly like to express our gratitude towards our community for their overwhelming support, and for believing in our vision.

Secondly, we would like to inform the community on our results:

  • Well over 10,000 participants are part of our project already by participating in the ICO, while more than 20,000 people have engaged with our social media channels sharing their support and enthusiasm throughout this campaign.
  • On the crowdsale, the last couple of weeks have led to a strong finish and our tally stands at a total of 294,850,587.33 tokens allocated out of a 350 Million supply.
  • Of the total tokens allocated, approximately 243 million are pending KYC before distribution, approximately 51 Million are pending banking clearances and 1 million tokens are allocated to the GENE wallet for sale to latecomers with a 25% bonus until the tokens are distributed to the participants and start trading in exchanges.
  • We will burn a minimum of 55,149,412.67 GENE Tokens which were not sold, together with any quantity of GENE Tokens which their participants fail the KYC or bank clearance.


KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure

The next step of the ICO is the necessary KYC phase before the distribution of the GENE token to the participants. Participants will have to complete the KYC check through the KYC section at

Bounty hunters do not need to go through the KYC check.


What’s next on the product / service offering

Our progress on the product front has us at the launch of the GENE wallet with more than 3500 thousand downloads within 5 days and just a few weeks away from the launch of the PARKGENE service.

For latecomers, there is a aforementioned limited supply of 1 million GENE tokens available for sale, only through the GENE wallet, offering a 25% bonus for purchases over $200. Download the GENE Wallet for Android from


We will keep you regularly updated on the progress of the PARKGENE crowdsale activities and on the PARKGENE service through our website (, our Telegram channel ( and via Email.




PARKGENE PTE LTD is scalable blockchain-based platform that enables drivers to book parking directly from individual parking space owners at lower prices and with increased convenience. PARKGENE’s decentralized technology creates new parking spots in already crowded cities, which now remain unutilized, by enabling not only peer-to-peer but also the seamless integration of all existing parking technology. PARKGENE is issuing the GENE token, to be used as a means of payment for parking between drivers and parking spot owners.



PARKGENE Launches GENE Wallet and Announces GENE Debit Card

In-line with our product development roadmap we are happy to announce the launch of GENE Wallet and the addition of the GENE Card as an extension of the PARKGENE ecosystem. These offer massive growth potential for the GENE token as a means of payment for numerous types of transactions and merchants.

You can find out about the GENE wallet  here:

The launch of  the GENE Wallet and the GENE Card, comes as a result of our continuous research and development effort in making PARKGENE the standard for the next generation Parking Market and enable the GENE Token to become the primary means of payment for all automotive industry payments.

We firstly enable users to store their GENE tokens – secondly store other cryptocurrency as well as FIAT currency and to use the wallet to pay for services across the PARKGENE and the automotive industry ecosystems,  as well as spending their cryptocurrency for traditional payments of any kind.

’We are excited to launch the GENE Wallet, a powerful, convenient, and differentiated multi-cryptocurrency wallet, for iOS and Android, able to store Ether, BTC, GENE and other ERC-20 Tokens and handle credit and debit cards for FIAT transactions’’ said John Zarifis, CTO of PARKGENE, “In addition to the GENE Mobile Wallet launch, we are adding E-Money / Debit Card Functionality with the addition of the GENE Card, planned for Q3 2018, in our roadmap. Users will be able to connect their GENE wallet to a physical card through which they can buy products and services using FIAT currency. The GENE Card will provide a powerful, easy, and flexible way to exchange cryptocurrencies to FIAT by utilizing real-time dynamic algorithms to maximize the user’s Crypto currency portfolio value”.

The GENE Wallet

The GENE Wallet initial release brings a standard set of features with everything you would expect from a robust mobile wallet application.

The GENE Wallet will allow users to conveniently store, buy, and redeem GENE tokens from day 1, while Bitcoin and ETH are already integrated and their full functionality will be available before March 15.

The GENE Wallet will also establish a new high-volume acquisition channel for PARKGENE P2P Parking service and present cross selling opportunities for related automotive industry products and services through the GENE Wallet API, further increasing demand for GENE tokens across sectors.

Transactions between GENE Wallets for any cryptocurrency carry zero commission.  Additionally, GENE tokens will be the means of payment for transaction fees outside the ecosystem with 33% of these tokens being burned.

GENE Mobile Wallet v 1.0 Features

  • ERC-20 wallet for storing GENE tokens and other ERC-20 tokens, integrated in the future
  • Wallet for storing Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Advanced security with cold-storage for all cryptocurrencies and GENE Tokens
  • Buy GENE tokens using credit/debit cards during the ICO with 50% Bonus
  • Supports buy, deposit, and withdrawal of GENE tokens (after ICO)
  • Airdrop of 50 free GENE tokens for each new user registration
  • Referral bonuses (in GENE Tokens) for community sharing actions

What to expect in future releases

  • BTC and Ethereum will be supported in the next version
    • Buy using credit/debit cards
    • Supports deposits and withdrawals
    • Cold storage
  • More cryptocurrencies supported – including ERC-20 tokens
  • GENE Debit Card
  • API / SDK to provide developers the ability to tap into the GENE wallet ecosystem as a cryptocurrency payment option. This way GENE wallet users can tap into innovative peer-to-peer and professional services in one of the most rapidly developing industrial and service sectors, the Automotive industry.
  • Exchange services for supported cryptocurrencies.

 “We are very excited that we are able to offer PARKGENE customers a world of automotive services in one convenient application. We foresee enormous growth in the smart automotive products and services space and are launching the PARKGENE wallet to better tap into this ecosystem and to take advantage of growth opportunities.”  – Louis Hatzis, CEO PARKGENE


The GENE wallet application is a mobile application available at the Google Play Store for Android devices. An IOS version is pending release in the Apple Store. The E-Money Debit Card Functionality is planned for Q3, 2018. The GENE wallet API/SDK is available Q2, 2018.

PARKGENE PTE LTD is scalable blockchain-based platform that enables drivers to book parking directly from individual parking space owners at lower prices and with increased convenience. PARKGENE’s decentralized technology creates new parking spots in already crowded cities, which now remain unutilized, by enabling not only peer-to-peer but also the seamless integration of all existing parking technology. PARKGENE is issuing the GENE token, to be used as a means of payment for parking between drivers and parking spot owners.



PARKGENE ICO Status Update

February 16, 2018

ICO Extended for 4 weeks – 50% Bonus for new purchases

Dear PARKGENE ICO supporters,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your strong support to-date, and to let you know that we will be extending the period for our ICO, to update you about our progress and next steps:

Firstly, we would like to announce the extension of our ICO period for an additional 4 weeks, given the current market conditions and volatility. The ICO will run until we have sold-out the hard cap, or until March 19, 2018. Our decision to extend the ICO period was influenced by the following:

  • Our initial ICO period was very short, just one month. Crypto market high volatility affected our ICO’s initial strong momentum.
  • Many of our current backers are requesting that we extend the ICO and future backers are asking for more time.
  • We need more time to finalize agreements with the exchanges.

More than anyone else, we want the PARKGENE ICO to be as successful as possible and please rest assured that we will take all necessary steps to maximize the value for our backers.

In the meantime:

  1. We are simplifying our volatility protection and for as long as Ethereum is trading below $1200. Effective immediately we will be offering a 50% bonus for all new token purchases. We feel that even in this market climate, this is a very strong incentive to join the PARKGENE ICO.

On the PARKGENE ICO progress:

  • We’re happy to inform you that we have reached the important milestone of 100 million GENE tokens sold.
  • The PARKGENE project is on track and we are preparing to launch the Beta version.
  • There are several imminent strategic partnerships which we will announce as they become final.
  • Our roadshow has also yielded many new opportunities which we are exploring.
  • Finally, our talks with exchanges on listing the GENE token are finalizing.

We are grateful for your support and for your patience. We will continue to keep you informed of our progress. If you have any questions please contact us on our Telegram channel.